Wednesday, September 9, 2015


"In Africa it is always five minutes to twelve." - Anonymous 

Hello all, it's me again, Grace. If you have been paying close attention you would have noticed that Sean and I usually take turns writing the blog post. Sean is obviously slacking on his obligation at this moment. During the time I am here drinking wine, listening to Dispatch, and writing this post, Sean has installed a “shower”, cut down a tree in order to make our rods for hanging our clothes, drawn (semi to scale) the map of our community and responded to 5 other volunteers on DIY home projects. I mean seriously, why can't he write his blog post? 

We have been slowly busy the past few days. We managed to make it to church Sunday and met two missionaries from Oklahoma City. Monday (it was a Swazi holiday) we dug out the beginning of our permagarden (I promise I really did work then). Tuesday was a big day in Manzini. We hitched a ride with a man from the United Kingdom who is doing a public health rotation at the largest hospital in Swaziland. We bought electricity for our house and Sean was able to fit 3 bags of compost in his backpack. What says success like that?! Today, being Wednesday, we attempted to introduce ourselves at the school but were told by the head teacher to come back tomorrow. Since we obviously couldn't count that as our “one thing” we tried our luck at the SOS Clinic, and oh what luck we had! We had a fantastic meeting with the director and financial director and have scheduled a follow up meeting on Friday. Did you read that right...scheduled! We would have clicked our heels on the way home if it wasn't so muddy. Our afternoon concluded with a nap (Sean), some baking (Grace), and some good conversation via text with friends. 

I should probably go try and help my husband but before I go, I want to give a shout out to Make Collins – I made banana bread and gave a loaf to our family. Babe and one of our Sisi ate it in one sitting, they did not share. Best success of the day for sure! 

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