Wednesday, December 23, 2015

...hodgepodges the holidays.

"Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection." - Winston Churchill

So as many of you know it's Christmas time. You are probably saying "duh Grace, how could I forget?", but for me it is actually quiet easy. Christmas is not such a big deal here in Swaziland depending on the region, community, or family. To our family "Christmas is just another day". It is also easy to forget because it's hot. I can honestly say that when I return to the states I intend to live in an area in which coldness and Christmas are paired. Furthermore it's easier to forget it's Christmas because we have found we really miss home during this time. Christmas has always been and hopefully will always remain one of my favorite times to spend time with family. Knowing what we are missing this year has definitely pulled at our heart strings in the past weeks and made some days not so great. But Christmas is still something we want here, mainly because of the memories that it holds. So I baked Nan's gingerbread men and Chris' snickerdoodles. I mean they aren't as good as the original, but no one will know the difference. I have grandmother's stockings hanging from our bookshelf and we cut out snowflakes to pretend it's cold. We plan on getting an extra Charlie Brown Christmas tree and making homemade ornaments, which has been a mini tradition of ours since marriage. 

I know I will miss Christmas Eve with the Eastridge crew. I will miss granddad opening all his presents before all of them are even passed out to everyone. I will miss eating every type of cookie at the Collins and not even being shy about it because there is enough to last until next year. I will miss Freeman talking excessively about exactly what his presents were Christmas morning. I will miss Christmas night movie, well maybe, sometimes mom gives our tickets away. 

But I think it's okay. On the bright side I've never been this tan on Christmas! Sean is going to cook a Christmas dinner and we are going to prepare to celebrate with 10 friends on the 26th. Only two rules apply for those coming to our house, bring your own beverage and bring a tradition to share. So I am excited to share the traditions that we hold so dear to our heart and learn what matters to those that have becomes what matters to us here. 

The more I think on it the more I want to thank the people that make it hard to be gone during this holiday season. I appreciate you making Christmas hard to miss. Christmas has never been "just another day" and for that I am truly blessed. Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. There are more snowflakes inside your house then we have outside this year. We love you guys and wish you the happiest Christmas, New Years and all days.