Sunday, January 17, 2016

...wants to get moving.

"Well, I always know what I want. And when you know what you want--you go toward it. Sometimes you go very fast, and sometimes only an inch a year. Perhaps you feel happier when you go fast. I don't know. I've forgotten the difference long ago, because it really doesn't matter, so long as you move."
-Ayn Rand

One of my thought-of New Years resolutions was to be better/more consistent with blogging. Clearly, like many of my resolutions, I'm struggling to make much progress. It's much easier said than done. We truly have little to report on since the New Year has begun. Much of Swaziland has been quiet since schools are out and the celebration of the Incwala ceremony continued. We spent a week avoiding boredom prior to spending a week at trainings (separate trainings but same facility). Sean participated in the training that my program group had previously attended in December. Sean and his counterpart planned the beginning of the permagarden trainings that will take place in our community beginning in the next month. My training was facilitated by Peace Corps Volunteers through the program Girls Leading Our World (GLOW). Women from all over Swaziland spent a week learning how to teach girls to be empowered and plan for a camp that will take place in April. 

The drought situation continues with much talk but little solutions. We had two ETs (early terminations) this week, putting our groups' number at four. There is plenty of time to be spent with your own thoughts, questioning your potential impact, what you are missing, and amount of misused time. We have found that this time of year has been tough for a majority of our group, including us. We are told that the one year mark is another tough time.

We are ready to get busy and excited that we have a few projects that will help us be so. Sean's application was chosen for Books for Africa so a library project will begin in two weeks when schools open. We have SKILLZ basketball again this week and a few building projects and gardening projects are in the works. Hopefully all of this will help me improve my resolution commitment. Until next time! 

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